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Traffic school. What two words could possibly be more dreadful? Sitting in a classroom for hours at a time, with some dull instructor explaining the minute details of the "laws of the road." Well, you can now change all that!

Traffic school, defensive driving and driving safety are all different names for the same thing - a course designed to teach defensive driving skills to licensed drivers who have some way violated their state’s traffic laws.

The most common reason people take a traffic school course is because they got a ticket and the court has required or suggested they take it. But depending on your state, you may also take a traffic school course to remove points from your DMV record or to get an insurance discount.

With® you can go through the course online, at your own pace, any day or time you want. You can also leave the course at any time and continue later from where you left off. Simply register online, study the material, and take a quiz in the end. As long as you read the material you should be able to pass. In the UNLIKELY event that you don't pass, you can retake the course as many times as you need at no additional cost.

School®, Inc
Address:11712 Moorpark St. #205
Zip & city:91604 California

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