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Too Lazy For Traffic

You could eat the points and let your insurance rates double. You could skip the class…and the opportunity to get smarter. But who wouldn’t really jump at the chance to brush up on the rules of the road? And what easier way to do it than on-line? No scheduling eight hours on a Saturday to sit in a windowless room and listen to Ben Stein read from the DMV handbook. You can do this any time! You can do it at your own pace! You can even do it naked, if you want! (We don’t need to know about it if you go that route. Really.) The point is, since traffic school isn’t a requirement, you don’t have to be here…you choose to be. Which means that you really DO want to be here, after all! Right? (We knew it all along.)

School name:Too Lazy For Traffic
Address:5737 Kanan Road, #158
Zip & city:91301 California

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Too Lazy For Traffic traffic school location

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