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Rocky Mountain Traffic School, Inc.

The Rocky Mtn Traffic School, Inc, now offers a statewide Driver Rehabilitation Program that is certified by the Montana Motor Vehicle Division.

The goal of the Driver Rehabilitation Program is to train Drivers in collision prevention techniques, and to promote behavior modification when operating a motor vehicle. In teaching these techniques, the Driver Rehabilitation Program also seeks to promote an attitude of mutual understanding, courtesy, and cooperation on the road. Our program focuses on current driving laws, positive driving attitudes and habits, defensive driving techniques, and the responsible use of drugs and alcohol.

To ensure the effective instruction of our Driver Rehabilitation Program, all instructors must be certified to instruct through either a private agency or the Montana Law Enforcement Academy. We choose only the best qualified instructors. All instructors are provided a curriculum outline and given one-on-one training of course presentation. Current training and education methods are taught to each instructor in order to assure consistent dependable training.

School name:Rocky Mountain Traffic School, Inc.
Address:PO Box 825/ Livingston
Zip & city:59047 Montana

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