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International Driving & Traffic School

We provide the highest quality of instruction available anywhere. Our Driving Instructors receive the training required by the Department of Motor Vehicles; but it doesn't stop there. In fact, it just begins there. Our instructors are quality individuals. A thorough "background" investigation on each prospective instructor is performed. Even after an instructor is hired and trained, he/she receives "continued training" throughout his/her career. We realize that you, as parents, are putting your trust in our school. When we send an instructor to you front door, to take your son or daughter for their 1st driving lesson, you need the comfort and confidence that an International Driving & Traffic school Instructor represents. Our instructors are courteous, kind and patient. Above all, they are knowledgeable professionals, and conduct themselves as such.

All driving lessons are "one student per instructor". We have found that when other students are in the car, there is a "loss of value" for the student that is learning. Drivers Training can be scheduled seven days a week. We will be happy to pick-up or drop-off at school, work or home at no additional charge. All students are taught residential, business and freeway driving, as well as given "practice" Drive Test to better enable them to pass their "real" Drive Test. We encourage night driving, as well as mountain driving to round out the students training.

School name:International Driving & Traffic School
Address:5636 N.Blackstone
Zip & city:93710 California

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International Driving & Traffic School traffic school location

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