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Homestead Traffic School

We'd like to make this unpleasant experience as painless as possible for you. Here's what we offer. You take this course entirely at our risk. If for some reason after taking the final exam as often as you wish you do not pass, we refund you your money. Simple as that. So go ahead, sign up now and get this nasty business out of your life.

1. The final exam for the course must be verified to ensure your identity. Generally, this is done by a notary public in your area.
2. If you're taking the online Internet course, print a blank copy of the final exam.
3. Take the final exam to a nearby notary. The final exam must be completed in the presence of the notary. Then have your identity/signature verified by the notary. You'll have to pay the fee charged by the notary public, usually from $5 to $10.
4. Return the completed exam to us for grading:

School name:Homestead Traffic School
Address:23844 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 200
Zip & city:90505 California
Phone:(310) 791-3154

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Homestead Traffic School traffic school location

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