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Florida Traffic School Program

In the past, drivers have avoided taking traffic school classes because there were so inconvenient. Who wants to drive to a class and sit though a boring lecture? Who has the time?
Most people chose not to go, and ended up with points on their driving records, and paid higher insurance fees.

Now, with a State Certified online program from, drivers can take a course online, in the convenience of their own home or office, on their own schedule. No need to travel out of your home or office!

Simply read a few sections and answer a few multiple choice questions. You may start and stop as often as you like until you have completed the course; log-in and out as your schedule permits. When you log back in, you'll be taken back to the last page you visited before logging out.

School name:Florida Traffic School Program
Zip & city: New York
Phone:1-800-920-FTSP (3877)

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Florida Traffic School Program traffic school location

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