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Traffic ticket help in USA

If you get traffic ticket and you do not want to pay neither to attend a driving school you can turn on one of traffic ticket help centres that are attorneys in fact. Such attorney can help you with your legal defences such as speeding, suspended license, red light violence, absence of insurance, etc.

Traffic ticket help in UK

Rules in UK seem very strict. However, there are some advices how to contest a speeding ticket.

First off, you have 28 days to complete the Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP)and return Section 172. You can defence your speeding. Among highly acceptable defences belong that you were not speeding or you were not driving or there was not a proper notice of the speed limit or the speeding vehicle shown on camera has been misidentified, or your vehicle have been reported as a stolen.

Please note: if you do not complete the NIP, it will lead to a fine and points added to your driving licence!

Then you need to wait a short time if you receive a conditional offer or a fixed penalty. If you were given your speeding ticket in error you may also obtain an informal letter from the police.

If police does not accept your defence and issues you a speeding fine you can either pay the fine and accept the penalty points or contest the speeding charge at court. Nevertheless, before you will do this, you should seek an advice of a lawyer specialising in motoring law.

If you decide to go through a court process, you will receive a Plea and Mitigation form from your court. Basically, you have two plea options: guilty with mitigating conditions or not guilty.

In case of the first choice, you will submit a statement of mitigation; explain the circumstances that caused that you exceeded the speed limit and reasons why the court should give you a lighter penalty.

In case that you feel not guilty, you need to make your not-guilty plea. You may hire a lawyer and call any witnesses for your hearing. You can also ask for the police and prosecution's evidence of the speeding offence before the court hearing in order for your lawyer to check it and assess your chances.

Your defence should be based around two points - if you were the driver of the vehicle at the time and place of speeding and if your speed exceeded the set limit for that part of the road. The prosecution will need to prove it.

You should know beforehand that if you are found guilty, there is a risk that the fine and penalty points will be higher than the original amount of the Fixed Penalty Notice.