Hardship License


Requirements to obtain a Driver's license vary from state to state. You can find many exceptions in Non-commercial license categories, for example, in Hawaii, which has a license category for moped drivers, or in northern states, which has a category for Snowmobiles and All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV), or in South Carolina and Georgia that have established a special non-commercial version of each commercial license class for agricultural purposes.

However, one thing all the States have in common is that drivers of commercial vehicles need to add the so-called Endorsements to their Commercial Driver's License. They need to pass through additional training to obtain such endorsements. The training and testing process is under control of the Federal Government.

The U.S. Department of State (federal government) is in charge of issuing Driver's licenses to diplomats and foreign state officials. These federal licenses are equal to regular state issued licenses.

Types of Endorsements:
  • P - Passenger Transport – for a bus that carries 16 and more passengers.
  • H - Hazardous Materials – to transport a dangerous material; an applicant to the endorsement H needs to pass through a test, provided by a Transportation Security Administration check and needs to be either a U.S. citizen or a legal resident with a permanent stay in the States.
  • M – Metal coil.
  • N – Tank vehicles – to transport a large amount of liquid.
  • T – Double and triple trailers – used for Class A license only.
  • X – Hazardous materials and tank combination – same requirements as those for endorsement H.
  • L – Air Brakes.
  • S – School bus – an applicant needs to hold the endorsement P at the same time. In addition, he/she needs to provide with the Transportation Security Administration and the Criminal Offender Record Information checks.

United Kingdom

Before, there were valid other categories in UK too:
  • lElectric vehicle – the category deprecated recently.
  • N– Vehicle used for very short distances on public roads – the category deprecated recently.