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Airbag Basics


If you like driving, you should know that vehicles such as buses, trucks and vans have many safety components, which are specially designed to protect us from traffic accidents, some of the most common security components that vehicles should have are, for example: seatbelts, airbags, head restraint, rigid anchorage systems and anti-lock braking system;(ABS).

Airbags are undoubtedly some of the most important safety components in a vehicle that were created to reduce injures from frontal crashes. An airbag is a gas bag, which is inflated by a small explosion when a collision occurs. Although, airbags for vehicles were introduced in the nineties, airbags are an evolving technology which is why there are many studies to improve their results nowadays.

The airbag's main functions are:
  • Avoiding the impact of the driver and passengers against harsh elements.

  • Absorbing the kinetic energy from the body.

  • Reducing the head movement and neck injuries.

  • Protecting occupants from the windshield.
Thanks to airbags have greatly reduced deaths in accidents; currently, airbags are mandatory in new cars.