The IPDE Method of Driving

driving safety

The IPDE (Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute) Method of Driving is used by driver to avoid car accidents, this method involves four steps: if drivers learn and practice them they could save their lives and other people’s lives. Many driving schools teach the IPDE method, because it’s the most effective Defensive Driving method. When drivers begin practicing the IPDE method, they should consider themselves good drivers, although this method is for new drivers.
  • Identify, this first step helps driver avoid collisions by indentifying possible and real hazards well in advance. Drivers often have many objects in their field of vision, they must learn to filter out those that don't provide information; therefore drivers have to be sure that they are in a good position to see. Drivers can resume “Identify” as: anticipate hazards.

  • Predict is the second step, it consists of predicting the possible consequences of real or potential hazards. If drivers predict hazards, they will be able to make the correct decision as fast as they can to avoid accidents.

  • Decide is the third step, drivers make decisions each time, but they must train their common sense to decide what they will exactly do to drive smoothly and face any hazard.

  • The last step is Execute, it consists on drivers carrying out their decisions; drivers execute and act based on the most positive option they can come up with.