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It is important to drive safely, in order to take care of ourselves and of other road users. Drivers must take into account right-of-way rules not only to prevent accidents, but also to make driving more pleasant. Common sense and courtesy are the best companies for these rules. Drivers have to know that law establishes who must yield only and it doesn't give someone the right-of-way.

All road users such as bicyclists, motor vehicles drivers, pedestrians, etc, must follow and obey these rules. Drivers don't have to insist on taking the right-of-way, they have to let other drivers go first in case a driver asked to yield the right-of-way fails to do so. To consider these rules when driving, will help us to drive safely.

Right-of-way rules and pedestrians

Drivers must stop to any pedestrian who is crossing at corners (or other crosswalks). It is not good to pass a car that stopped at a crosswalk. Drivers must be alert at pedestrians in order to avoid hazardous situations.


Right-of-way rules at intersections

When a driver gets the intersection at the same time than other driver, the driver on the right gets the right-of-way. At uncontrolled intersections (without yield or stop signs), drivers must slow down and be ready to stop. Some drivers have to remember that they have to yield to vehicles entering the intersection in front of them or to vehicles that already are on it. At “T-intersections”, vehicles that have the right-of-way are vehicles on the through road.

right of way

Another important thing to remember is courtesy when driving. If drivers are parked on the side of the road, before they enter it again, they have to yield to traffic. There will be circumstances when drivers will have to give the right-of-way to emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police vehicles, fire trucks, etc, in these circumstances, drivers have to move their vehicles to the right side of the road and wait until these vehicles pass safely.


In addition, drivers have to be careful when approaching school zones. Sometimes there will be school crossing guards who help students cross the streets and give signals to go or stop, in these cases drivers have to obey them.

There are many new and experienced drivers have to learn and remember how to drive safely, that is why we invite our website visitors to review other sections.