Turning at driving

Turning can be one of most difficult assignments while driving, if you don't pay enough attention to it, you might end up in a car accident. It is very important to use the correct signals before turning, changing lanes, entering or exiting a highway.

There are turn signals and hand signals, you can use both even if there are no vehicles around, always let the other driver know what you intend to do.

By law, you must do the signals from a certain distance before turning or changing lanes. In some states, it is required you do the signal at least 100ft, in some others at 200ft. To be sure, consult your state's Drivers handbook.

Here, some pictures about turn signals and hand signals, that you must do before any turn.

Hand signals

Left turn hand signal

Always follows these steps before making a turn:
  • Slow down as you move towards the intersection
  • Move into the correct lane, before changing lanes, always look behind and both sides.
  • Give a turn signal to show your intention
  • Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists.

U-Turns are no legal on all roads, be sure that the U-turn you intend to make is allowed on that road. To make a U- turn, start the turn from the left lane, give a left signal and then stop, check the traffic and complete the turn on the right lane.