Driving Techniques: Speed

Speed is very important when driving, you cannot speed up whenever you want, you must be aware of all the factors that are involved in this procedure such as the congestion level, the area crossed, vehicles, the maximum speed limit in the zone and people around.

Maximum speed limits are always different in each zone; these are posted on most of the highways. These speed limits are regulated by the authorities of the provincial governments depending on the conditions of the road and the traffic in the area and are enforced by either the national or regional police.

Also, some highways have "minimum speed limits", slow speed can obstruct traffic flow or even produce car accidents. Vehicles such as bicycles, horse drawn vehicles, and mopeds have their own roads or lanes.

Signage for speed limits is different in some countries, for example, in Europe this is regulated by the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals using black text with a red circle on a white background for the maximum speed limits and blue circles for minimum limits; in the United States of America Signage is usually rectangular with the words "SPEED LIMIT" for the maximum limits and “MINIMUM SPEED" for the minimum, the figures in black on a white background.

Besides the speed limits, the basic rule is being reasonable with the speed: drive safely. Lower speed might be required in areas near schools, playgrounds, parks, and residential areas or when there is fog, heavy rain, or pavement is freeze. And always remember to slow down in blind intersections.