Use of lanes

Using lanes

Most roads have two or three lanes, you must always choose the one that has slow traffic and is less congested in order to avoid any traffic accident. To be careful in the use of lanes, follow these advices:
  • If you are on a road that has only two lanes, pick the right one for the smoothest driving.

  • If you are on a road with three lanes, always choose the middle lane for a regular speed driving. Use the right one for a slower driving or to turn off the road. Use the left one for a faster driving or to turn left.

  • If other driver is exceeding the speed limit, you should slow down and move to the right lane, do never speed up, you might crash.

  • Always respect the reserved lanes such as bicycle lanes or carpool lanes.

  • The only way to drive in the cycle lane is when you're going to turn, entering or leaving an alley, private road or driveway. Before entering a bicycle lane check for cyclists in your blind spot and remember you must yield to bicycles.

  • Before merging into a big road, you must watch other vehicles in each side, turn your signals on, and make sure the lane is clear and safe enough to cross.
Choosing lanes

In order to change lanes, you must take these steps into consideration:
  1. Turn your signal on.
  2. Check your mirrors and blind spots.
  3. If safe, change lanes.
  4. Turn your signal off after changing lanes.
Changing lanes