Getting started

Getting started to drive

Before starting your engine there are some tasks you must accomplish:
  • Look backwards and forwards and always check your blind spots, there may be children or objects.

  • Make sure your windows are clean enough to not block your vision.

  • Wear the seatbelt properly; it should be tight across your shoulder and hips.

  • Check all passenger are wearing their seatbelts and all doors are fully closed.

  • For more comfort, adjust the ventilation controls to provide fresh air and comfortable temperature.
Having checked the previous things, you can start driving your car, but always taking the respective precautions on the road.

On the road

  • Stay in the middle of the driving lane and away from the edges, unless others factors affect your position.

  • Mark a point of reference on your car, to judge the distance when you park or turn, this will help you to see the exact location of wheels, both from and back bumpers and also the side of the car.

  • The steering wheel points the vehicle in the direction you want to go, the force on the steering vary according to the type of car, in order to enhance your performance, keep your hands at opposite sides of the steering wheel.

  • Backing up could be a difficult task, turn your head and bodies to see through the back window clearly, rest your right arm on the opposite back seat to improve your balance. The left hand should grip the steering wheel and turn on the direction you want.

backing up