Driving Techniques

Driving techniques

Before getting onto the road, you must have some knowledge about driving. In case you have taken a course before, this page will help you to understand some concepts and to refresh some others. And if you have never taken a course, this will be a great guide for you, it will teach you from the very beginning.

Driving, as any other activity, requires both, knowledge and practice. Driving is about applying some techniques, from gripping the steering wheel properly to a set of conducts and movements that enhance the driving precision.

This guide offers you a complete guide about all driving techniques, from all the basics concepts, to the use of the lanes, speed, how to turn, park and pass another vehicle. Also, this guide provides the best advices on how to drive safely, according to the law and maintain your own integrity and that of all of your passengers.

Through this guide, you will learn to drive in an easy way, with the smartest advices to prevent any accidents. It has a complete Step-by-Step Guide for most procedures that you need to know for driving. Take a look to our guide and find exactly what you need.

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Basic Driving Concepts
Getting started to drive
Using lanes
 Basic Driving Concepts
Basic concepts, for example, the use of the accelerator pedal and brake pedal, how to place the mirrors, driver licences.
 Getting Started
Things to take into consideration before starting your vehicle and when driving on the road.
 Use of Lanes
How to choose the best lane in a road and what steps take into consideration in order to change lanes.
Turning at driving
It is is very important to use the correct signals before turning and changing lanes.
Learn the importance of know how to park and the basic modes of parking.
Be aware of factors like the maximum speed limit in the zone and the congestion level.
How to make the right decision when passing.