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Managing Space

Defensive driving

Drivers should consider a safe distance from other vehicles on all sides so he/she has enough time to react to emergencies.

Defensive driving suggests one avoid Tailgating, which consists in following a vehicle directly in front too close from behind. Drivers must remember that reaction time is very important and they must keep sufficient space, that is, to stay in the middle of the lane, we can consider three elements in order to evaluate an adequate space management:
  • Space Control: You will find three kinds of conditions on the road:
    • Open conditions: When the road is entirely up to you, you'll see open spaces and no restrictions near your car.
    • Closed conditions: Zones with restrictions for drivers such as: driver view difficulty or unavailable space.
    • Changing conditions: Zones where the open and closed conditions may be present in different times

  • Lane Positioning and

  • Communication