Defensive Driving Techniques

Defensive Driving Techniques

You cannot control the actions of other drivers, but learning some techniques of defensive driving will help you to avoid dangers, especially when aggressive drivers are on your way.
  • Being alert in order to react to other drivers, and being prepared to react quickly to any problems or situations such as a driver in the front car who suddenly slams on the breaks.

  • Being aware of other drivers and other road users, anticipating their actions such as when a car speeds past you although it doesn't have much space in the line; you must plan ahead for the unexpected and maybe anticipate the worst-case scenario therefore It's better not to expect that the other driver will do what you think he or she should do.

  • Being able to control speed, in this case, the most effective action is to keep your speed down.

  • Respect other users of the roadway by avoiding aggressive driving tendencies when you deal with people with bad driving; and you must think that safety comes first by the use of seatbelts as well as lock your doors always.

  • The driver must stay focused, although he/she has many things to think of such as: driving in special road and weather conditions, observing the traffic laws, being aware of the speed, checking the mirrors and signals and more; a responsible driver must be focused on driving and that only. One should be alert and avoid distractions, e.g., talking on the cell phone or eating won't allow you to react to problems.