Intermediate Driver Improvement Course (IDI)

Driving techniques

When traffic violators have already taken the basic driven Improvement course, they need to take the intermediate Driven improvement course consequently. This course is increasingly compulsory nowadays because it is an annual training that every driver has to take in order to update his/her driving skills.

Also known as an eight-hour intermediate driver improvement course, eight-hour basic Defensive Driving Course class or the 8-hour level 2 class, this kind of course is obligatory to many people who made a traffic violation. This course is usually taken as a part of a sentencing judgment.

This course is completely different from the Driving While Licensed Suspended course and the Aggressive Driving Course because it contains singular topics such as driving following the rules, State traffic laws, local and international traffic and road signs, driving and alcohol: a harmful combination, crime prevention and some health problems that affect driving skills.

The intermediate driver improvement course is available in any driving school, especially on Saturdays. The total cost of the course is $80.00, including materials and a recognized certificate. In addition, there are plenty of priceless Intermediate driver improvement courses available on internet nowadays.

The most important benefits of taking an intermediate driver improvement course online include the following:
  • Making your own schedule. The participants can take the course wherever and whenever they want.

  • Really understandable. Internet uses an easy and clear language.

  • Really interactive. The participants use many interactive elements such as videos, flash animations and interactive quizzes to stimulate their minds.