Foreign Drivers in America

Foreign Drivers in America

Having an international driver's license in the United States is very important because then foreigners would not need to hire a car and they would save lots of money by not taking taxis or any other expensive way of transportation. Before driving in the United States foreigners need to fulfill some basic requirements such as learning about specific driving practices, traffic laws, and having the IDP (International Driving permit) to have a pleasant vacation or business meeting in this country.

The famous (IDP) International Driving Permit is the international driving document that contains elemental information about your driving skills in many important languages such as English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Russian and many more in order to avoid problems with foreign officials.

However this document does not replace the driver's license. Unfortunately, the United States does not provide this kind of driving permit, so people have to obtain this document in their country of origin before traveling to America. This document can't be renewed or extended. In fact, it is valid for only one year.

Foreigners interested in this international driver permit need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver's license, fill an official form supplied by their local issuing authority and two size passport photos.

Nowadays the United States has many strict laws and regulations that are followed differently in each state. In this fashion, it is compulsory you understand the regulations of the state that you are going to visit.