Fleet Driver Training

Driving techniques

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires one take the fleet driving training program in order to reduce crashes and traffic fatalities. This program provides skill-training topics focused on governmental regulations, safety driving, mechanical skills and troubleshooting capabilities. This program is a big Support to many fleet managers and operators in the entire country.

Plenty of big companies such as the National Truck Staffing, Vehicle Tracking Solutions, Express Auto Delivery, Aviation Network Services and Chicagoland Transportation Solutions use this kind of training program as an exclusive technique in order to reduce risks on the roads by driving safely.

During the fleet driving training, the trainer or instructor assesses the fleet drivers and categorize them into many levels such as spouse drivers, new drivers, hard-risk drivers and experienced drivers. An effective way that the trainers use to know if the driver is a new one or an experienced one is using the drive cam. This electronic device reports all the inappropriate behavior that drivers have during their labor day.

The most important topics during the training session are as follows:
  • Weight truck limits

  • What to do in bad weather conditions

  • Basic skills fixing failure equipment

  • Visibility

  • Limitation and considerations when driving a motor vehicle
Many Commercial fleet companies throughout the country provide proper fleet driver training online. For example, the Government Fleet is an important organization that offers good training services by internet. The programs are really reliable, affordable and flexible.