Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (TCAC)

Traffic Collision Avoidance Course

Traffic accidents are a serious problem around the world. The statistics show us an alarming increment each year. However, most countries in the world have the traffic Collision Avoidance Course to prevent and avoid traffic fatalities. This compulsory traffic course is useful when the traffic violator is involved in a crash or has two big faults in his/her traffic record. Consequently, the traffic violator receives a traffic ticket and he/she must take the course.

The main goal of this traffic course is to change bad attitudes and irresponsible behaviors in order to prevent traffic crashes. In addition, taking the course is convenient because the insurance company can provide an insurance discount. It is recommendable one take the Basic Driver improvement course as well as the traffic collision avoidance course at the same in order to retain the driver license and erase some points from the personal driving record.

The most important topics in a proper traffic Avoidance Course include the following:
  • Harmful consequences of using alcohol and drugs
  • All about seatbelts
  • How to know what the proper following distances are
  • The correct speed and driving behavior to avoid a traffic fatality
The course is quite interactive because the participants learn by videos and full lecture through the entire four-hour class. Furthermore, the lessons have a strong participative style, because the instructor and the participants share new ideas in class discussions.